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About Us & Insurance Facts

Volunteer Insurance Markets has been protecting friends, neighbors and businesses since 1955. Let us find you the best coverage and prices possible! As an independent agent, we combine products provided by the most respected providers into a custom package that meets your personal or business needs.

Our goal is to ALWAYS give you the best coverage you need at the lowest prices possible for vehicle, home, property and business! We want you to not only feel protected, but to also have the best deal possible!

When you request a quote, we work hard to find discounts that apply to you. If you insure multiple cars, we can see if you quality for multi-car coverage discounts! We can also see if you qualify for combined car and home insurance discounts!

Do you have issues with your license? Do you have an SR-22? No problem! We welcome ALL drivers, regardless of your record!

Remember: “The badder YOU are, the better WE are!”

Q: When I rent a car, do I need to buy insurance sold by the rental company?

Most insurance companies provide “transfer of coverage”. If you rent a vehicle, your coverage will transfer to the rental car. Always ask your agent if your coverage transfers.

Q: How much coverage should I buy for my house?

The amount of insurance coverage needed for your house is typically the average square foot price it would cost to rebuild your house. For example, if it costs $100 per square foot in your area and your house is 2000sqft, then you would need $200,000 worth of coverage for your house.

Q: Is my son’s property covered while he’s away at college?

Many homeowners will cover your children’s property while they stay in a dorm room, or an apartment. Ask your agent if you have this coverage.

Q: Do I need liability insurance for my business?

You ALWAYS need liability insurance if you own a business! Liability insurance provides coverage instances such as: if someone falls on your property, if your equipment causes injury, if you experience slander, employee misconduct, and much more. Ask your agent what you need to insure your business.

We do all the work. You save all the money.


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